Surprise, surprise!!champs down…welcome to the premiership Huddersfield

Yesterday Saturday felt like hail plus hell at Stamford bridge where champions were stunned by mid table finish aspirants Burnley.

Downplayed by an early red card to skipper gary Cahill, horid goalkeeping and defending from curtois,Marcos Alonso and David luiz providing Sam vokes with two goals as well Cesc Fabregas’s second yellow and eventual send off ,the champions were hacked down by Burnley 3goals to 2.

An impressive fight from willian,Alvaro morata and David luiz brought chelsea two up but to no avail..

Biggest winners this Saturday were newly promoted side Huddersfield united after their roving rampage at selhurst park clapping out coach Frank de Boer’s side..

Marko Silva maintained his incredible home record as a manager in the premiership through the help of center back Britos who secured a point for the wasps in the final knockings of a thrilling 3 all encounter with jurgen klopp’s reds of Liverpool..

More from the league comes to you English league 1 champions Newcastle take on last season’s runner up,and Europa league winners Manchester united take on the hammers of west ham at old Trafford..


A”gun”down…the fox,wags its tail and heads to its lair..

The foxes today were outgunned by the gunners of arsene Wenger’s arsenal.

A game highly anticipated in terms of teams seeking redemption,this encounter turned out to be a cracker.

With an early goal from summer signing lacazette Alexandre,whipping opposition strikers okazaki shinji and Jamie vardy into action for a foxes 2-1 lead within the first 35 mins of the game.

Not long after,before half time sporadic forward Danny welbeck erupted the emirates with an equaliser.

Genuine inspiration from manager arsene Wenger ,introducing both Ramsey Aaron and giroud Olivier after beign a supplementary  goal down from a Jamie vardy header, meant arsenal sealed the victory with goals from both super substitutes in the last knockings of the game

It should also be noted that ozil mesut’s controversial handball decision, stood out in these last moments as it laid a significant and deathly blow to graham Shakespeare’s foxes

The gunners new man lacazette Alexandre on track..

Open your doors to Cameroon’s newest culture heritage 2.0

What do you see??

Is it just a spider and a snake,a gong,or just a peice of architecture,maybe you feel its a Photoshop…

But ladies and gents i give you cameroons newest art and cultural wonder,the new Royal museum of Foumban,home to the exquisite peices of the Bamoum people and their peculiar history.

The new home to centuries of culture and traditions,history and discoveries ,colonialism,pre and post independence and many other evidences of this rich history to come..

The museum set to launch in the early moments of 2018 is a project with over 5 years of wait in its wake an innovation which promises to revolutionise the landscape of culture and cultural heritages in cameroun..

A project patronized by H.R.H Sultan Ibrahim Mbououmbouo Njoya king of the bamouns,The Ministry of Arts and Culture, and the bamoum people..

El clasico de la supercopa d’éspaña…

In roughly 20 hours the world will once more rise to the drums of football’s greatest ever rivalry.

 The Los Blancos vs The Blaugrana’s..    Barcelona vs Real Madrid…                     El clasico…..

In regards to the Spanish supercup finals which will pit current La liga champions to Copa del rey winners Fc Barcelona..

Both teams definitely looking at this game as an extra foothold in their quest for bragging rights..

Owing to the fact that Barcelona has been one of the biggest losers this summer after letting go of Neymar dos Santos Jr,head coach Ernesto valverde will be looking forward to chase down any eery feeling of lack and turn the negative vibes surrounding Barcelona into his first ever managerial trophy.

The los blancos under head coach zinedine zidane are yet to lose any final they’ve participated in.

After their supercup win over Manchester united,they look to continue their marvelous 66 game scoring streak as well claim bragging rights…

Stand out performers in the persons of christiano ronaldo and Lionel messi are expected to log horns in this battle field of the greatest come match night..

Let the Animosity… Begin..

Premier league 2017-2018…here we go — fadilsblog

Its official…. The new premier league season is of the worlds most awaited sports event is here who is your money on?? The reigning champions(Chelsea) or the biggest spenders(Manchester city),The Europa league winners(Manchester united ) or Europa league contestants(Arsenal) or the seekers of redemption the magpies of Newcastle united….??etc Now is the time to […]

via Premier league 2017-2018…here we go — fadilsblog

Premier league 2017-2018…here we go

Its official…. The new premier league season is of the worlds most awaited sports event is here who is your money on??

The reigning champions(Chelsea) or the biggest spenders(Manchester city),The Europa league winners(Manchester united ) or Europa league contestants(Arsenal) or the seekers of redemption the magpies of Newcastle united….??etc

Now is the time to place your bets get behind your team whole heartedly and give a loud cry…THE PREMIER LEAGUE IS HERE..

The gunners against the foxes..the wits vs the guns..happy viewing to all PL fans..

I am Fantasy Football League

Ever heard of football fantasy leagues??

This is the new trend dominating fanship in the world today.

This initiative taken in the early 2010’s is now a world phenomenon with millions of players all over the world

This idea has notably been endorsed by football giants of the premier league and uefa with both the Premier league fantasy and the UEFA champions league fantasy.

The rules of the game simply involving the random selection of a team of 15players(11starters and 4 substitutes) with a limited budget 

The chosen team runs for the whole season  and gives points which are eventually counted,put on leader boards and often rewarded see more on PFL Fantasy. Com  or

Highly anticipated by players all over the world,the fantasy league begins today for premier league fans you have less than 10hours to download the app,register,pick your team and start the fantasy.. 

V.A.R. the future of international football


                         V.A.R at work ,FIFA CONFEDERATIONS CUP RUSSIA 2017

The video assistant referee is a new technological advancement proposed by the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA), in order to better the game of football, render it or more transparent, and reduce or practically eliminate errors from match officials as well as eliminate all player misdeeds and other misconducts during the 90minutes of an official football game. (The Beautiful Game)

President Gianni Infantino and his colleagues while sitting in a meeting earlier this year, granted for this technology to be tested during the Russian confederations cup 2017 in order to ready fans, pundits and critics for its appearance in the world cup come June-July 2018.

The introduction of this technology has been influenced greatly by the array of numerous scandals, player, team and match officials misconduct in various parts of the world but Europe in particular. Notably the Paris St Germain vs. futbol club Barcelona UEFA champions league game(6-1 in favor of FC Barcelona and a Penalty refusal for PSG plus award of penalty for Luis Suarez dive) whereas the referee was sanctioned for not taking clean and fair action, he was still able to maintain his job.

                  V.A.R is thus essentially out to wipe out these natural lapses in the football game. The V.A.R actually is an electronic console or studio containing a host of computers and editing tech plus video technicians, who essentially are also match officials they are in charge of reviewing the game as well as provide insight and guide the referees. They operate, by observing and informing via microphones and can be called upon anytime within the game of football for clarifications and as well stop the game at their convenience to inform officials. (MEXICO VS NEW ZEALAND Boxall and Juan Araujo yellow cards)

But the general tendency nowadays, particularly after the announcement of these changes is: Won’t this innovation be the end of football as we naturally know it?

V.A.R was able to answer these critics during the confederations cup, by penalizing a lot of fake foul plays and unwanted challenges, as well as non-legal goals and actions in most cases the natural referee wasn’t able to pin point these errors, and had to be called to order . The V.A.R assistants were also able to guide the referees by providing them with counsel as well as taking active as per decisions considered invalid (Eduardo Vargas offside call CHILE VS CAMEROON, Ernest Mabouka Red card CAMEROON VS GERMANY) 

            V.A.R determining the course of the game pitting PORTUGAL and RUSSIA(the hosts)
As every other technological advancement subject to football, the V.A.R was also put under t he hot seat as it was accused of providing for too many stoppages thus slowing the energy of the game, it was accused of frustrating players and staff with some decisions made, it was also accused for rendering the football game too artificial and too dependent on this tech for most decisions had to be referred to the V.A.R, thus diminishing the power and authority of match officials to an extent.

Generally the V.A.R received a hosts of mixed feelings but positive feedback as it is said to be the technology that will revolutionize the world of football as well as forth coming changes announced the FIFA

Germany vs Chile Russia 2017: FIFA confederations cup  final cup preview…

This sunday july 2nd,two of the best teams on the planet will go up against each other for the supreme title of king of all continents[confederations cup].

This game is set to pit the oldest team in the confederations cup this year [chile]against the younger German rank which hosts only two players boasting of twenty caps and above, with the chilean side hosting 20.

The german team is ranked third in fifa rankings and playing in its first confederations cup but its fifteen competitive finals,haven being four times world and european champions.

The chilean side,is set to play in its fourth competitive final and its third in a row haven won the copa america title twice ahead of co-finalists Argentina and are ranked 4th in the world.

They too are participating in their firstconfederations cup.This is one of the most exciting match-up in this competition  with both teams hoping to match and defeat their opponents in this crucial encounter to crown a new inter continental  king after Brazil in 2005,2009,and 2013.